Cuvée Alanna 2021 0,75L Wein von Marto Wines

Cuvée Alanna 2021 0,75L

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Weißwein aus Deutschland.
Rebsorte: Riesling. 

Cuvée Alanna ist dieses Jahr ein Riesling. Inspiriert von Yann Durrmann's Riesling Grand Cru Kastelberg Weingarten.

Alanna dazu: "I was/am really inspired by Rieslings from really sour soils, and I wanted to both express and experience this with this one vineyard we have (which had previously been harvested and blended into the Weiss), and voila! Cuvee Alanna Riesling was born. For me, the best Rieslings grow on a sour soil, not limestone, much like Gamay! So yeah I guess what I realised is that Riesling isn’t the white Pinot Noir, but more like the white version of Gamay. This was the last vineyard we harvested, and we were super blessed with absolutely perfect fruit, with both high sugar and high acidity. In the cellar though, the wine challenged us quite a bit, as it took basically the entire year to ferment fully through. In the end, what we have is a beautiful expression of a sour soil Riesling with insanely high acidity. To be honest, I would recommend keeping it in the cellar for a few years for optimal drinking enjoyment. Topped up barrels, and perfect fruit, the wine is insanely stable."



classy with a twist funky - freaky unfiltered, cloudy



fruity - floral - spicy - earthy - mineral dry - semi-sweet - sweet



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Rheinhessenwein von Marto Wines.

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