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Issue 17 "Champagne Underground"

Published 9th July 2018 

  • ...we spotlight grower Champagne. From Jacques Selosse to Ulysse CollinNoble Rot meets the pioneers and coming generation of this exciting region
  • …Caitlin Moran tells us ‘How Champagne Changed My Life’
  • ...we meet Richard Russell, the A&R man who shaped XL Recordingshome of Adele, Radiohead, Dizzee Rascal, The Prodigy et al
    …our roving wine critic and revolutionary Henrietta Handpump reports back from Bordeaux 2017 en primeur
  • ...Andrew Jefford argues there are other things in life than being geeky about wine (Say wha?)
    …we feature Noble Rot's 10 Best Food Scenes on Film
  • …we take a quick snifter’ with cult Welsh illustrator and Hunter S Thompson collaborator Ralph Steadman
  • …feature stories about Cornas, Greece’s Xinomavro, Restaurant Snakes & Ladders, Vin de Seyssuel, Mont Blanc and reviews and musings from Marina O’LoughlinDiana HenryRussell Norman, Henry Harris, Jon Bonné, Georges Reynolds, Nina Caplin and John Niven, among much more
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