Noble Rot Magazine #14

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NOBLE ROT - home of exciting wine and food writing

Issue 14 "Wine on the Edge" - Published 1st November 2017

The new instalment of Noble Rot is a righteous ride through the best in food and wine where we...

  • Meet ‘the good cook’ Simon Hopkinson over lunch at London’s 6 Portland Rd.
  • Visit Ribeira Sacra’s vertigo-inducing vineyards, currently producing some of Spain’s most exciting red wines.
  • Celebrate the last 30 years of British food in 30 iconic dishes.
  • Have ‘a quick snifter’ with Belgium’s finest electronic music makers Soulwax.
  • Take a gut-busting tour of San Sebastían, the Basque Country’s gastronomic mecca.
  • Meet the characters behind Russell Norman’s favourite Venetian restaurants and bars.

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