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NOBLE ROT - home of exciting wine and food writing

Issue 18 "The Return of the Winos with Attitude"

• ...we meet ‘domestic goddess' Nigella Lawson, who talks fame, food and sounding like a Florentine greengrocer with Marina O’Loughlin.

• ...we spotlight Mosel Riesling. From the most fashionable dry wines of the late 1800s to the rise and fall of off-dry styles following the Second World War, we visit Egon Müller-ScharzhofHeymann-Löwenstein and Joh Jos Prüm to ask if the real face of Mosel Riesling will please stand up.

• ...we profile Noble Rot's Greatest Television Cooks of all Time, featuring Keith Floyd, Delia SmithFanny CraddockAnthony Bourdain and David Chang, among others.

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