Il Frappato 2021 0,75L Wein von Occhipinti

Il Frappato 2021 0,75L

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Rotwein aus Italien.
Rebsorte: Frappato 40 Jahre alte Reben, gepflanzt auf rotem Sand und Kalkstein.

Arianna über Il Frappato:
“Il Frappato stems from a dream which I had when I was a girl to make a wine that knows the land that I work, the air I breath, and my own thoughts. It is bitter, bloody and elegant. That is Vittoria and the Iblei Mountains. It is the wine that most resembles me, brave, original and rebellious. But not only. It has peasant origins, for this it loves its roots and the past that it brings in; but, at the same time, it is able to fight to improve itself. It knows refinement without forgetting itself.“



classy with a twist - funky - freaky unfiltered, clear



fruity - floral - spicy - earthy - mineral dry - semi-sweet - sweet



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Arianna Occhipinti Frappato, Sizilianischer Rotwein.
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