Riesling 2021 0,75L Wein von Marto Wines

Riesling 2021 0,75L

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Weißwein aus Deutschland. Rebsorte: Riesling

Direkt gepresster Riesling, 1 Jahr in einem alten Holzfass gereift. Alanna dazu: For the Riesling, we leave the barrels untopped, which leads to a very different style. The wine is quite open, a little bit softer and more round, but with more complex aromas I would say. When you drink this wine, I think it is very subtle and quiet, but deep. It’s not a heavy wine, yet it still shows complexity in its fruit.



classy with a twist - funky - freaky unfiltered, cloudy



fruity - floral - spicy - earthy - mineral dry - semi-sweet - sweet



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