Dominique Derain. Saint Aubin.
Non conformist. Iconoclast.
I made wine like everybody else for 10 years. I got bored.
Founded Domaine Derain in 1987. From 1992 biodynamic farming.
At the time, wine made orgaically was really the dregs of the system, it had no purpose.
My main goal is to experience pleasure, I do not want to make a stew.
2002 Julien Altaber from Auvergne joined him.
Founded Sextant 2007 as Dominique pushed Julien to do his own wines. Wines from grapes mainly sourced from nearby Maconnais.

Aligoté, Chardonnay, Pinot noir from limestone & clay.
Wines made from grapes. Not from oak & reduction!
40 harvests experience.
Stop paying for bullshit!

You want to read more about vivid wines from Burgundy check out the book "Between the Vines" from Guillaume Laroche. 

 Sextant - Wein aus dem Burgund

Winzer Julien Altaber von Sextant

Wein aus dem Burgund

Wein von aus dem Burgund im Weinskandal Online Shop

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