Simon, Paul & Dave just released a new charge of their 2nd vintage! They bought fruit all over Austria and vinified it in Peternell.

A beautiful aromatic Goldmuskateller on the skins called GOLDSLICK, a light amber Grüner called BROATL RACING GRÜN and a crazy blockbuster-like Syrah & Merlot blend named 2 YEAR BENDER are new.

FRÄNKIE BLUE EYES, the Blaufränkisch and SPÄTI, the Pinot, are in their 2nd edition and more luzid this year.

It is not a typical 2nd vintage in just refining what they did. It seems they kept their virginity and reinvented their world with the eyes of kids.

YES, they are still the most exciting young project in Austria!

So happy to have you guys!

Kick it!


Kollektiv Peternell - Dave

Kollektiv Peternell

Kollektiv Peternell

Kollektiv Peternell - New kids on the block!

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