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‘I started filling my notebooks and jacket pockets with an endless stream of
notes and small pieces of paper covered in useful and less useful words,
practical and philosophical approaches to the making of wine’.
Anders Frederik Steen

‘It’s an exploration of all the far corners of something bordering on
obsession, the technicalities learnt along the way but also the sense of
intuition and curiosity that underlie his practice and that push us, the readers,
to reconnect with our own regard for the world and whatever gives us a
sense of passion in life’.
- Pierre Jancou

One of the cult figures in natural winemaking, Anders Frederik Steen started
as a sommelier in his native Copenhagen - first at Noma, then opening Relæ
and Manfreds - before starting again as a winemaker in southern France in
In the eight years since, Anders has filled notebooks: ruminations on
what it means to understand (and misunderstand) wine, taste and pair it,
leave the restaurant industry behind, where the balance lies between manual
skill and abstract philosophy in a winemaker’s practice, and the technical
minutiae of someone deep into his craft.
These are his notes on wine-making and wine-drinking, but they’re also the
doubts and deviations of any learning process and the work that goes into
forming any kind of practice. Over the years they show someone exploring
the far corners of a discipline in order to come back to the thing itself and
eventually grow with it.
The book opens with a foreword by French chef Pierre Jancou, whose
restaurants, including Racines, Achilles, and Vivant, were among those to

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