Sp68 Rosso 2022 0,75L Wein von Occhipinti

SP68 rosso 2022 0,75L

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Rotwein aus Italien.
Rebsorten: Frapatto, Nero d'avola
15 Jahre alte Reben, gepflanzt auf rotem Sand und Kalkstein.

Arianna über SP68 Rosso:
„SP68 is a road but it is also a young wine. Cool and pleasant, with a delicate taste that it brings the flavour of the sun and the freshness of this land.”



classy with a twist - funky - freaky unfiltered, clear



fruity - floral - spicy - earthy - mineral dry - semi-sweet - sweet



●●○ ●●○
Occhipinti SP68, Rotwein aus Sizilien.

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