Here are some ideas what to drink!

FOR DANCING AROUND THE KITCHEN while the goose is heating up, pop up a bottle of LONGITUDE CHAMPAGNER from LARMANDIER-BERNIER. The attack on the palate is crisp, vivid and voluminous. Plus, this is richly textured and silky, displaying aromas of lemon zest, crisp yellow apple, dried white flowers and brioche. A cheeky play between the natural acidity of the fruit and the astringent influence of the chalky soil. Are you ready for it? Champagne showers.

TO LIGHTEN UP THE GOOSE drink ORANGE. SEPP MUSTER’S GRÄFIN 2018? This skin macerated Sauvignon Blanc from Styria is no joke. That‘s a serious, all-round and meditative orange – boom! A little funky on the palate but well-integrated acidity makes this is a quenchable skin contact. This wine shows a full, rounded taste with gorgeous spicy, earthy tones and a long, clean finish.

PERFECT is a light, but full-bodied red.
PODERE PRADAROLO VELIUS ROSSO ASCIUTTO 2013. This Barbera smells and tastes of freshly cut pine and wild cherries with notes of warm cinnamon. Dense and deep. Bags of crunchy dark red fruit and berries! There’s beautiful freshness and great structure in every sip. This is a great wine to wrap yourself up like in your favourite wool blanket.

For those who who aim for a CLASSY PAIRING (with a twist, of course) GO FOR RIESLING.
Pour SCHIEFERBLUME RIESLING 2020 from RUDOLF TROSSEN. Schieferblume means “Flower of the Slate”. This blend from 4 different Riesling vineyards is particularly delicious, with floral and honeyed notes. Complex, still easy-drinking wine. Lovely minerality! Moreover, its lively acidity keeps the flavour composition fresh and goes hand in hand with the texture of richly flavoured meat. Plus, this wine will disappear out of the glass on its own.

We got it from a beautiful bio Gansl take out from @taubenkobel 😘Barbara & Alain.

So get ready for the season of „good wine, good food and spilling your guts to those you love“. Na Mahlzeit😊😊

Polina and Paul from Weinskandal

Paul and Moritz from Weinskandal eating Gansl


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