Another wine from HERBERT ZILLINGER´s Freestyle line is now available! Sauvignon Blanc and Traminer (both made from sand-lime brick) complement each other to create a juicy, delicately fruity mineral fireworks display! Lightly fermented on the mash, matured in a concrete egg and bottled unfiltered, our Toast Hawaii is already the new favorite wine for many!


The two selections of loess / clay and sand-lime brick were drawn onto the bottle unfiltered after storage for one year on the yeast and are available immediately while stocks last!

Harvest 2021

The vintage 2021 was also dominated by climate change. Fortunately, they were spared late frost and severe storms, but the persistent drought showed them again this year how important it is to treat our nature with respect. The biodynamic agriculture is a small but very important contribution to counteracting the climate catastrophe. Vital plants can only allow healthy and balanced grapes to thrive on healthy, living soils. They were able to bring in great qualities with a very large, motivated harvest team! The rapidly increasing sugar ripeness made the harvest almost a race against time. 50 helping hands were able to bring in the entire harvest within 3 weeks, the ripening young wines are extremely compact and aromatic, very complex, juicy, with a gripping acid structure and a wonderfully firm structure. They can look forward to a quantitatively rather small, qualitatively but very great vintage!

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