Radetzky is a cafe that serves authentic Ukrainian and Polish cuisine, which can change your idea of the culinary culture of Eastern Europe forever.

BORSCHT: cabbage, beets, potatoes, carrots, beans and beef. Served with sour cream and dill. Borscht is a superfood that every Ukrainian grew up on. Good news! It is assumed that if you eat it, this superpower will rub off on you as well ;)

Pair with Slovakian Blauer Portugieser from Strekov. Juicy and fruit-centric, “Portugal” is the one with supple but soft tannins. Easy (but never boring), with bright notes of cherries and raspberries shining through. Ideal wine for the table, and for your red meat borscht.

BIGOS: stewed sauerkraut, white cabbage, meat and sausage, and a handful of spices. Polish soul-soothing food! Also, great for winter days.

Pair with “Drum Bun” from Edgar Brutler. Lovely and unique Königliche Mädchentraube. Dry, fresh, mineral! Think of herbs and meadow flowers. Elegance of Transylvania is here. Take one glass per hour, or as needed!

VEGETABLE STUFFED PORK ROULADE WITH MASHED POTATOES: soft pork cutlets, cheese, eggs, potatoes, veggies. Simply gorgeous with lots of rustic flavour.

Pair with 7radku’s “Dark Ages”. Veltliner & Riesling. You guessed it! All round powerful acidity with apple, pear and citrus notes. This white is electric! Anyway, chill it, pour into a glass, take a few sips and think about what this wine reminds you of.

Honestly, those wines & food picks can be just as good for the soul as a long weekend filled with love and laughter. Na Mahlzeit 😋

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