Blues or rather rock'n roll?

We end the week with a fascinating topic - wine from Eastern Europe, but we'd rather call it Middle Europe here. Czech Republic! Slovakia! Romania! This region once had a reputation for cheap wine, but in recent years it has developed into an interesting region with experimental and dynamic vintners.

Here you'll find indigenous varieties such as Königliche Mädchentraube, Kadarka and Grünspitz. As well as some brilliant examples of Riesling and Grüner Veltliner. A wide range from classic to funky styles. One of the upcoming stars for us is Welschriesling (called Rizling there). So! Don't get it mixed up! Welsch here is very vibrant, with bright fruit flavours and tight knitted structure. We found real surprises here.

The diverse soils, a cooler climate has given this unique region its very place on the wine map.

So try guys like Edgar Brutler, 7radku, Dlúhé Grefty, Milan Nestarec, Strekov and Zlaty Roh.

The production is small, so you gotta be quick! One of the most fascinating areas at the moment. Check out our online shop or be a guest at Ungargasse 28.

And... Most importantly, it's not so much what kind of wine you drink, but who you share it with. Auf euer Wohl!

Na zdraví! Norok! Na zdravie!

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