Fishhhhh 🤫 for Christmas?

Welcome back to the Holiday Spirit Guide, where beautiful humans (Weinskandal team) chronicle their all time favourite holiday food & wine to help make all of us feel a little more Christmassy in the fetal position come Wednesday evening.
Up this week, BAKED FISH 🐠, very popular in Austria, especially with a good portion of mayonnaise. Here in a Semmel — what a mood-lifting dish under the Christmas tree 🎄.

Fried Fish calls for wines that are less aromatic, more on a mineral-savoury side. Perfect would be a Chardonnay from the land of heaven. Burgundy.
A Chablis from CHATEAU DE BERU for the purists - austerity like a ray. If you want more pleasure dome feeling go for VALETTE's Macon-Chaintré. Poetry on your mind and palette? Check out DOMINIQUE DERAIN's St. Aubin. Comme tu veux!
If you want some bubbles, go for white sparkling with some supple but funky tannins. CASA BELFI - PROSECCO COLFONDO ANFORA: Rich and intense, with notes of yellow fruit and yeast, this Prosecco tastes like bread crust. PODERE PRADAROLO - VEJ BIANCO CUVEE BRUT: Lively and mineral Malvasia di Candia Aromatica, well-structured and well-balanced. Full and very (!) persistent perlage. RUDOLF TROSSEN - PURELLUS: We love the freshness, the coolness and its pure deliciousness of this. Sparkling that makes you reach for the Softis box.

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