Das Weingut Domaine Pattes Loup von Thomas Pico liegt in Courgis im Weinbaugebiet Chablis in der Region Burgund.

Zu den Mentoren von Thomas gehören Alice und Olivier de Moor, die gleich wie er auf eine biodynamische Bewirtschaftung setzen.

Thomas hat uns ein paar Worte über das zu Ende gehende Jahr geschickt.

Lest selbst:

We went through a capricious vintage after a devastating frost event and a very rainy summer… Picking mushrooms was much more generous than the harvest!!!

But this did not prevent us from standing tall and moving forward with our projects.

2021 will be our 1st Biodynamic Demeter certified vintage!!!... Horsetail, horn dung, Silica and herbal teas settle at the estate.

December announces the beginning of the vitiforestery to continue our environmental approach. We planted 180 top height trees (Maples, Elms, Lindens…) in our vine rows and 300 meters of linear hedges composed of bushes and shrubs. The aim is to revitalize the life of the soil, encourage interactions between the vine and the trees, limit the impact of heat on the vine and the soil, draw carbon from the air and help the installation of birds… in short to restore biodiversity and beautify the vine landscape. This operation will be renewed every year in close collaboration with a Meusian agricultural engineer.

This year, we brought cattle composted manure from local farms to our plots in collaboration with two other neighbour vineyards.

Moreover, we will replant a plot of 1er Cru Butteaux after a six-year rest where alfalfa has vivified the soil and brought some minerals.

In the cellar, the 14 hectoliter oval barrels took a nice place to bring to the wines balanced wood and more freshness.


Zur Zeit sind alle Weine von Thomas Pico ausverkauft, die neuen Jahrgänge kommen im Frühjahr 2022.

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